Review: Cider is Good and ANXO is Great

Review: Cider is Good and ANXO is Great

ANXO (pronounced ahn-cho) is a great new spot in Truxton Circle for small bites (pintxos) and tasty drinks. I do not consider myself a cider person. I’m not cider-averse but it’s never been my first choice. ANXO succeeds in their mission to help “guests uncover the relatively unknown beauty and history of traditional cider from around the world”. After my visit, I can say I like cider and I have much better insight into what kind of cider I prefer. I think most people think cider is very sweet and thus bad. I think it’s that the cider we see on tap is generally sweet and perpetuates that belief. But there is a big world of cider out there and ANXO is ready to show you the way. 

Sometimes I get a little obsessed with certain places (see Whaley’s). I am infatuated with ANXO and went twice in a week. Both times, I opted to sit at the large Pintxos Bar on the main floor. I like a more community experience and the bar was inviting. The way the bar is set up is such that it feels open where a bunch of people can share conversation and do.

ANXO Delivers on Drinks

I really liked the diversity of flavors in the apple spirits. If you’ve never indulged, I recommend starting with the boozy flight. This is four different tastes of apple-y liquors. 

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I also loved the Snowdrift Red Rosé Cider made from red fleshed apples which, according to their website, “yields a crimson red cider with bright acidity, packed with flavors of cranberries, watermelon, rhubarb & strawberries, finishing with soft toffee tones”.

What I love about ANXO is that is not just about cider and that’s why I think it succeeds.  They carefully walk the line of showcasing the cider without overwhelming you.The craft cocktails are finely crafted like the Man About Town with Old Overholt Rye, Cynar, and ATXA Rojo Vermouth.

Beverage Director Tim Prendergast was recently selected by Thrillist as one of DC’s Best Bartenders. When asked what’s the most rewarding part of his job he said, “I was going to say helping guests who have never tasted real cider find that perfect cider that blows their mind and makes them say out loud, ‘This is awesome; I never knew cider could taste like this.’ But really, I think what's actually most rewarding is just watching people who are having a genuinely good time, and knowing I helped make that possible in some way.” You can tell the people working here are passionate about their work and the joviality spreads to the clientele. The staff look like people you'd want to hang out with on the weekends and they don't lead you astray with their recommendations. Tim and ANXO folks, consider it a job well done.

The Food is Good Too

I particularly liked the cheese. Cheese does not usually stand out because it’s preparation has already taken place before it gets to you. But the cheese on this menu is carefully selected and pairs nicely with the charcuterie. I tried all three cheeses and you will not go wrong with whatever you choose.  I also love that it comes with quince. (Who doesn't love quince?) This is the perfect place to get some salty snacks that whet your palette for their delicious drinks.

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Don’t go here to get full. Go here to be pushed outside your usual routine to find new favorite things. You may even find out you like cider!

Grade: A

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