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Review of Sticky Rice: Good for Vegans & the Gluten-Free, Mediocre for Everyone Else

I wanted to like Sticky Rice, but I just couldn't. This place gets kudos for opening in 2008 when H Street really lacked any food options, let alone a dietary-preference-friendly sushi joint. (Part of Sticky Rice’s hook is that it caters to sushi-loving vegetarians and vegans.) While it may have been more popular when it first opened, I don’t think this place can hang with the H Street cool cool kids (Copycat, Maketto, etc.) anymore. Aside from being good for special diets, the bucket of tater tots are the best thing they've got going for them.

Review of Tail Up Goat: Believe the Hype

At Tail Up Goat, I revisited some of my favorite childhood food memories. Tucked away beyond the bustle of the main drag of Adams Morgan, this unpretentious restaurant feels like a neighborhood cafe you'd find in Southern Italy. When I was there, I didn't have a sense of time and was focused on fully experiencing the food and enjoying time with friends. A restaurant that can transport you like that is one worth savoring.

Keeping George the Coonhound Safe and Healthy with Whistle

In 2012, I fell in love George after seeing his sad shelter photo. Since adopting him, keeping him safe has been my top priority. In December 2015, we found Whistle products that keep us updated on George's location and activity. His Whistle GPS tracker also lets us track his medications. After months of singing the praises of Whistle, I decided to become an ambassador for the products since we meet so many dog owners who seem highly interested and unknowing of its existence. Learn more.

Upcoming #MNniceforlife Events in DC: Night Moves at DC9, MN Twins & Loon Happy Hour

Washington, DC has a surprisingly high number of Minnesota ex-pats.  As a proud member of the Minnesota State Society's Board of Directors, I am thrilled to share our Minnesota-focused, Washington, DC area events with you. This month is particularly exciting with the Minnesota Twins here and Minneapolis-based band, Night Moves, playing at DC9.

Review for Scarlet Oak: A Neighborhood Bar with Tasty Food and the Best Picklebacks in DC

Scarlet Oak is the perfect neighborhood bar for Navy Yard/Southwest Washington, DC residents looking for friendly faces and reasonable prices for quality food and drinks.

Review for Palette 22: Lovely Dog-Friendly Patio, Brunch is a Work In Progress

At newly opened Palette 22, the concept is "Food. Art. Fun." and a new take on street food.  Without a doubt, the artistic and colorful gallery-like space here brought warmth to this massive expanse of a restaurant. I read stellar reviews about the brunch from Yelp and the Washingtonian so I was disappointed that our breakfast experience was less impressive. If you're looking for a fun dog-friendly happy hour though, Palette 22 is worth checking out.